It’s important to remember that we can all give our best together even though we are apart


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–It’s been about two months since we started this mind-boggling journey together. I say together but the mind-boggling part of it is we’ve had to ‘be apart’ to keep a safe distance.

Every night here on News 4 we’ve brought you some scary and absolutely heartbreaking stories about this pandemic.

But we’ve also featured many, many stories about people doing good during these hard times. And it’s important to remember that we can all give our best together, even though we are apart.

We’ve shown you the teachers becoming so creative and doing everything they can to reach their students…even though they are apart.

Some local music educators are getting the band back together so they can still make music — even though they are separate.

We’ve seen a massive effort to feed the hungry—people who recognize a deep need in this community and are standing up to fill it in every way they can — even while standing apart.

We’ve seen deliveries of food donated to the heroes inside our local hospitals, apart from us, as they fight an unseen enemy every day, a fight for lives.

Unable to gather for a birthday party or a special event in this socially distant world? No problem. Somebody from near or far has invented the drive-by party that keeps everybody apart — yet brings all of us together for a smile and some cheer.

And some of these parades have taken on a less lighthearted and more heartfelt tone — as first responders salute the hospital staff on the front lines of this desperate battle — that battle that keeps us all apart.

Everywhere we look these days — we see people doing their absolute best to reach others — to help, to create, to share, to listen, and to heal.

During these strange and painful days of sacrifice, we realize that we may have taken for granted just how much we really do care for each other in this land of good neighbors. We need to be with our neighbors.

And now that we are apart — we’re counting the days until we can get back together again.

That’s when we’re at our best.

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