LANCASTER, N.Y. (WIVB)–Schools remain closed but some families have found a creative way to give back to a long-time school volunteer.

They’re thanking him one can at a time.

For the past four days straight, cars pull up in front of St. Mary’s High School in Lancaster to donate cans and bottles to a well-lived school volunteer named George.

During the school year, the students know George collects all the cans after lunch but as a thank you for all he’s done over 10 years, the school invited families to keep bringing cans for George while school is out.

And the cans kept coming, with George himself carrying load after load and now George has thousands and thousands of thank yous to redeem.

Long before this can drive or the COVID crisis began, the students were raising funds through an annual golf tournament, gala, and dress down day and that money is going to Cradle Beach this year.

The school donated $5,000 to Cradle Beach Camp where it just so happens, George Morgan learned to swim as a child.

Cradle Beach would normally open in late June and they are still waiting and hoping.