Retired marine stands 24 hours for veteran suicide awareness

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WASHINGTON (CNN) – On a concrete median, at the corner of Constitution Avenue and 23rd Street Northwest stands a retired Marine staff sergeant

“It’s a very emotional time, very emotional,” Lorraine Chambers says.

Chambers’ wife Lorraine says her husband Staff Sgt. Tim Chambers began the Memorial Day weekend tradition in 2002 … Saluting thousands of Rolling Thunder motorcyclists for hours on end.

This year, however, the 45-year-old San Diego County resident plans to stand for 24 hours straight — all to raise awareness about veteran suicide.

Chambers handpicked a music playlist for motivation.

After all, he’s abstaining from water, food and bathroom breaks.

“Health, relationships, financial; those are the biggest things that contribute to suicide,” Sabrina Barella says.

Barella helps run Chambers’ charity — fittingly named “The Saluting Marine Cares.”

It pays for veteran medical bills left uncovered by the VA.

“None of us take a salary with the charity, so everything goes to veterans.”

Although thousands have streamed chambers feat online, Robert Hall rode his shiny, blue motorcycle up from Fredericksburg to see it in person.

“I’ve never seen a man with so much endurance,” he says.

“I’ve known people who’ve served in Vietnam and even when they come back, they sometimes don’t come back,” Hall added

“This is something that he needs to do every year and I support him for it,” Lorraine Chambers says. “No matter what it takes, we get out here.”

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