Niagara County Officials Prepare for COVID-19


(WIVB)-Although Niagara County has no confirmed cases of coronavirus, county officials say that there are 14 people in quarantine in their homes.

Those people are not showing any symptoms of coronavirus, the county says this is a precautionary measure. Along with a state of emergency, all schools in the county will be closed for students starting tomorrow and will be closed until further notice.

Leaders in Niagara County are trying to be ready for a coronavirus outbreak, and say they need people to do their part in preparing too.

“The number one way to stop the spread of the disease, other than those hygenic things we’ve talking about, is keeping away from others. Don’t wait until you have symptoms to keep people six feet away from you you should be doing that right now. Parents, please do not expect this is a playdate opportunity for your children,” said director of public health Daniel Stapleton.

The county is also limiting visitations at county jails and prisons. Starting this week, prisons are providing a reduced rate for phone services to accommodate inmates and their families.

The county says they are exploring options for possible quarantine sites but don’t have any set in stone as of right now.

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