LAKE VIEW, N.Y. (WIVB)–RVs 4 MDs is a program that matches up RV owners to healthcare workers looking for a space to keep their household safe. Today, one man drove his RV all the way from the Binghamton area to help a local nurse out.

Katie Zoyhofski works at Fox Run Nursing Home in Orchard Park. Her husband signed her up for RVs for MDs in order to keep her family safe.

She says she typically comes home after a shift and immediately takes certain precautions to keep her family safe but it can be a lot of work.

Her husband, Justin, says despite these safety measures, he was still worried about their five-year-old daughter.

He says he heard of RVs 4 MDs on Facebook after someone told him to look into it.

And hours away in the Binghamton area, Mark Hoskins was looking into how he could help area healthcare workers.

On Thursday, Hoskins, who is related to a News 4 employee, drove his RV to Lake View to personally deliver the Zoyhofski’s his RV.

The RV is parked in the family’s driveway. Katie will live inside for the time being to make sure her family stays safe.