ERIE COUNTY, N.Y. (WIVB)–Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz released the latest gender and race data related to the COVID-19 deaths on Monday.

Of the 101 people that have died from the virus, 40 white men and 32 white women make up a majority of the deaths. As for African Americans, 17 men and nine women have died.

There are no American Indian/Alaskan deaths, and there are two Asian/Pacific Islander men that have died.

According to the chart, there is one death listed as “other.”

In terms of ethnicity, three Hispanic men and no Hispanic women have passed from COVID-19, according to Erie County officials.

Per data provided by the county, 55 non-Hispanic men and 39 non-Hispanic women have died, making up 94 of the 10 deaths.

The county shows there are two men and two women in the “unknown” ethnicity category that have also died due to COVID.

The chart shows the majority of the 101 deaths are men.

According to the age breakdown provided by Erie County, there are more women with positive cases than men.

The highest number of positive cases in men are in the 50 to 59-year-old range with 160 and the 80+ range for women with 171.

Altogether, the most positive COVID-19 cases for men and women are in the 50-59 range with 309.

Below in the County Executive’s tweet, you can see a full breakdown of the age ranges: