(WIVB)–The leaders of three towns in Western New York are speaking out on their need for federal aid as they continue to lose revenue.

The supervisors of Amherst, Eden, and Boston held a virtual news conference today.

They say they’ll have to make budget cuts if they don’t get help from Washington.

“There is not much fat to cut off our budgets and the next step is to cut vital services and that’s the last thing we want to do,” Eden Town Supervisor Melissa Hartman said.

“It’s not a political situation that we’re in but it’s certainly something that we do need the help because with the loss of revenues that will eventually effect the small municipalities’ budgets,” Keding said.

Boston Town Supervisor Jason Keding says the town could raise taxes, even though no one wants to do that.

“You know the small towns, we don’t have a lot of areas we could cut when we’re looking at areas such as our court offices,” Keding said. “We have court revenue that’s not coming in, and we’re anticipating sales tax revenue losses.”

The Deputy Supervisor of the Town of Tonawanda was also on the conference.

That’s because Town Supervisor Joe Emminger is currently battling coronavirus.