U.S., Canada finalizing details of closing border due to coronavirus


NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB)–Another major development today, the U.S. Canadian border will be shut down to non-essential travel.

The President tweeted that out this morning.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed it in a statement.

Those on the Canadian side say they’re still finalizing details on this and trying to do so as quickly as possible.

We have spent time at all three of our area’s major border crossings today and particularly at the Rainbow Bridge traffic has been eerily quiet.

The question still lingers, what exactly is essential travel?

Trudeau noted this basically means travelers will no longer be able to cross the border for recreational purposes.

President Trump noted trade will not be affected.

At his coronavirus press briefing early today, the president was asked how long this might last. “I would say 30 days and hopefully at the end of 30 days we’ll be in great shape,” President Trump said.

Prime Minister Trudeau says, “In both our countries, we’re encouraging people to stay home we’re telling our citizens not to visit their neighbors if they don’t absolutely have to. This collaborative and reciprocal measure is an extension of that.”

Across the bridge there now have been 212 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the province of Ontario.

Three of those cases are in the Niagara region.

Customs officials say details are still being finalized, so it’s unclear whether or not this measure has already taken effect.

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