Gov. Cuomo addresses need for ventilators, beds as amount of cases rises to more than 25,000


NEW YORK (WIVB) – New York’s apex in the coronavirus pandemic could be two to three weeks away.

The rate of cases has been doubling every three days. Because of this, the state could need anywhere between 110,000 to 140,000 hospital beds so that the facilities do not become overwhelmed. That also means a needed increase in hospital capacity.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been acting on this, ordering all hospitals to increase their capacity by 50 percent, with a goal of 100 percent, on Monday.

“I will turn the state upside down to get the beds we need,” Cuomo says.

And beds aren’t the only key item. Ventilators, which help people breathe, have also been desperately needed. As of Tuesday, the state has procured 7,000, but 30,000 are needed.

With such a lack of needed supplies right now, Cuomo says the state is going to experiement with a possible way to have two people use one ventilator.

Still though, more are needed, and Cuomo says there needs to be alternative methods. With the massive rise in cases, Cuomo wants to see manufacturers who are able to do so, begin creating ventilators.

“We need federal help,” Cuomo says.

So far, a series of efforts have been taken in the state’s efforts to stop the spread of the virus. These include closing non-essential businesses, schools and reducing the amount of people allowed in one place at a time.

Testing for the virus continues at a rapid rate in New York. Over 10 days, the amount of people tested on a daily basis went from 1,000 people to 16,000 people.

New York is doing more testing than any other state in the U.S., with 25 percent of testing in the country happening here. The state is even doing more than South Korea, a country Cuomo called “the gold standard of testing.”

Because of all this testing, 25,665 cases have been confirmed in New York, as of Tuesday morning. 107 of these are in Erie County, with much lower amounts spread throughout western New York.

The state with the second highest amount of cases is New Jersey, with 2,844.

“We are your future,” Cuomo said, addressing what other states can expect to see in the coming months.

More than 3,200 people who tested positive in New York are currently hospitalized. A total of 210 people in the state have died.

To treat it, the state is testing new drug therapies.

80 percent of people who contract COVID-19 will self-resolve, while 20 percent will need to be hospitalized.

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