Woman coming back from Manhattan in WNY four days before testing positive for COVID-19


Grace, 23, just moved back to the Town of Elma after living in Manhattan.

She was back for four days before she tested positive and she was persistent.

“We just kept calling. We tried different numbers,” Grace said.

That’s how she spent a good portion of her Saturday, urging county health officials to OK a test for coronavirus. 

Having traveled back to the Queen City from Manhattan, Grace was all but certain. Members of the health department took some more convincing. 

“So it was just a matter of calling, calling more people, calling more extensions and just driving home the point that I was concerned because I was coming from Manhattan, and the symptoms progressed rapidly over the course of the day,” she said.

Grace landed in Buffalo on Wednesday, March 11. By Friday, she started showing progressively worsening symptoms. 

Grace was quick to commend Erie County health officials for the job they’re doing considering the challenges and rapid changes they’re facing.

But she also said she’s frustrated. One example: trying to get ahold of someone in the health department since Monday, getting a voice mail, and then being told, the voice mailbox was full.

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