BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — You hear people say “stay positive” in times of change, but it’s not always that easy.

College students may be heading into a whole different world than what they’ve known, and that could mean living alone, or just feeling isolated, in general.

With the coming changes, Dr. Wendy Weinstein says it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, whether you’re a student or a parent.

“Change is a good thing as we step into unknown frontiers, so to speak,” Dr. Weinstein, a psychiatrist at BryLin Hospital, tells us.

Since that welcoming sense of freedom that campus life brings can be scary, Dr. Weinstein reminds us that mental health professionals are available on campuses. She warns against the abuse of drugs or alcohol as an escape for those struggling with their surroundings.

While adjusting to campus life, Dr. Weinstein encourages students to branch out from academics in order to better settle into the world around them. This could mean partaking in things like sports or clubs.

For students looking to feel closer to home, Dr. Weinstein recommends keeping up that communication through mediums like Zoom, texting or calling. But not to worry if your child isn’t calling as often; it could just mean they’re acclimating well to school life.

Watch our interview with Dr. Weinstein in the video above.

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