New Centenarian celebrates birthday with friends, family and birthday caravan


The Coronavirus didn’t stop Joanne Bodman from celebrating her 100th birthday in style, and that’s because the party came to her.

A large caravan of fire trucks, and decorated cars paraded by Elderwood in Wheatfield, in honor of Joanne Bodman’s 100th birthday Monday afternoon.

Joanne waved as members of her church and friends drove by yelling “Happy Birthday Joanne!!”

The birthday parade wasn’t the only surprise, she also got a visit from her family and cupcakes with her face on them

Joanne has been spending lots of time interacting with her family over social media because of the coronavirus.

“Mom has been dealing with it really very well, but I think for someone her age, it’s just very confusing to process the fact that she can’t have people coming to visit her, she can’t have a lot of people in and out of her apartment,” said Willow Bodman.

And as far as Joanne’s secret to longevity, her daughter says it has a lot to do with genes and…

“I think being a very stubborn person helps, you have to be very controlled and take charge of every aspect of your life, and be involved in things, and I think that’s what has really helped mom is that she always took care of everything herself,” she said.

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