Heidi Conschafter was working full time at a local banquet facility, when she decided to take a leap of faith and follow her dreams of opening her very own restaurant.

She signed the lease on her new restaurant Unbridled Cafe on Transit Road in East Amherst, back in December. She planned on opening in the spring, but then, the coronavirus happened and local businesses closed and some changed to just offering takeout.

“It is a little scary. It’s scary as it is, to start your own business, to open your own restaurant, the statistics are not very good for survival for restaurants,” she said. “In general, when you tell somebody you’re going to open a restaurant, they kind of look at you like you’re crazy to start with. And, when people hear that I’m opening a restaurant during the pandemic people are really thinking I’m crazy, but you just have to have faith that it’s going to work out in the end.”

They’re opening up next week as planned, with a few coronavirus related adjustments. She had to rethink her business operations, she held off on hiring new employees for her and  created a takeout menu.

“It will be a completely different format, because we were planning on being a more of a dine-in facility for breakfast and lunch, but we’re going to open and take our chances with the take out,” she said.

For more information on ordering with Unbridled Cafe call 716-575-6067.