(WIVB) – Studying Black history has taught us many things- including that sometimes, even small decisions can have lasting, rippling effects for good.

In Western New York, Fee Bolden knows that better than almost anyone.

When Bolden started indoor gardening, she created a simple blank planter featuring the words “Rooting for everyone Black with plants”- it’s an adapted quote from TV series Issa Rae, who on the 2017 Emmy Award red carpet, commented “I’m rooting for everybody Black”.

The last thing Bolden thought when she made the planter for herself was that it would go viral.

“I just posted it on my personal Instagram page, and so it happened to go viral,” Bolden said. “People were asking ‘Hey, are you selling that?’ and after so many people asked, I’m like, “Okay, I guess so.” It turned into a business like literally overnight.”

Today, Fee, her husband Alex, and her brother Emmanuel now fully operate their online store, which has garnered over 25,000 nationwide followers and record-breaking sales.

They see to it that a portion of their proceeds go to COVID-19 hardship grants, and to help members of WNY’s mental health community.

Additionally, Rooted in Blk has a focus on educating.

“When people think of Rooted in Black, we definitely want them to connect Black people and gardening,” Bolden said. “Also, given how our platform has bloomed, we also see it as a vehicle of education.”

Since she’s a history buff, many of their pots list great Black icons from varying fields and walks of life.

Bolden also plans to expand her inventory from right here in Buffalo with things like custom bookmarks.

You can check out bookmarks at Fitz Books and Waffles (433 Ellicott Street, Buffalo) and get one complimentary with the purchase of a book, Bolden said.

Rooted in Blk is also creating post cards and will have journals available as well.

The business is locally owned and operated, but ships more across the U.S. than it does at home.

They’re hoping that could change this year. You can shop Rooted in Blk here.