BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Buffalo candidate for mayor India Walton says claims made in a commercial for Mayor Byron Brown, have no truth to them. According to the campaign commercial, Walton would take 100 officers off the streets by defunding police.

Walton says her plan does not call for laying off police officers. Instead, she wants to take over $7 million from the police department. Walton says she would use the money for mental health and homeless welfare calls without putting police officers on those calls.

She says this would allow officers to focus on the job they’re supposed to do each day.

“I think that this is a desperate attempt to cling on to what little bit of power is left, by using fear tactics to scare people and people shouldn’t be afraid because our campaign is centered on people and rooted in love and care for our community and that includes the Buffalo Police Department,” Walton said.

Last week, Brown’s campaign spokesperson said Walton’s plan to cut police funding would result in 100 fewer officers and would put the safety of every Buffalo resident at risk.