BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) — India Walton has picked up the endorsement of a member of the Assembly who represents Buffalo in her bid to be the next mayor of Buffalo.

Jonathan Rivera, a democratic representative in the 149th district of the New York State Assembly endorsed her this morning in front of his childhood home on Buffalo’s west side. “She is people driven and not self driven. She’s a fighter for fairness, that she’s eager to explore the new and not to repeat the same mold, eager to take on the challenges the city has and eager to do it collectively.”

Rivera is one of the only public figures to formally endorse Walton even though she won the Democratic primary in June and is supported by the Erie County democratic Committee.

“I feel fully supported by the democratic party because I am an organizer,” said Walton. “I believe deeply in relationship building and not just transaction . So, before we do anything together, I want to make sure I’m meeting with the party not only leadership but membership committee people and making sure that we have a great working relationship and that we built the trust so that we can work together and make the party stronger.”

Walton has also received support from other organizations like the Buffalo Teachers Federation, the Working Families Party.