BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Less than two months away from election day, and the Democratic mayoral candidate India Walton is getting a big endorsement.

New York State Senator Sean Ryan officially threw his support behind Walton Saturday morning.

Ryan says the City of Buffalo needs to focus on the issues that directly affect people’s lives. He says that includes improving infrastructure, protecting children from lead poisoning and ending subsidies for developers.

Ryan added that Buffalo can be a model city for progress and Walton can make that happen.

“As we end the pandemic, we’re looking to transform our economy. Buffalo needs a leader who will address the critical needs of every neighborhood in the City of Buffalo,” said NYS Senator Ryan.

“Senator Ryan has always been a strong advocate for the people of Western New York. Like me, he believes that the people of Western New York deserve good jobs and good wages. Affordable quality housing on a permanent basis, clean air, water and soil. A world-class public education and safe neighborhoods free from the fear of violence and poverty,” said Walton.

Meanwhile, incumbent Mayor Byron Brown scored a major victory in the courtroom this week. Federal Judge John Sinatra ruled Friday that Brown can appear on the ballot under the independent “Buffalo Party.”

The Erie County Board of Elections is expected to hold a public hearing this Tuesday to discuss the ruling.