LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Weird Barbie, Wednesday Adams and Harley Quinn are among the most popular Halloween costumes in the US, according to new research from fashion retailer Boohoo.

The company analyzed Google Trends data to identify the top pop culture-inspired and traditional costumes that people are searching for in each state. The analysis revealed that Barbie is the most popular character to dress up as this spooky season when it comes to pop culture references. This is probably unsurprising to many, seeing as it was a big year for the brand.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s “Barbie” film has generated at least $1.36 billion at the global box office, making it the highest-grossing movie in the world in 2023 so far, Variety reported.

“With many states choosing to dress up as Barbie, it proves that one of Margot Robbie’s biggest films to date is continuing to take over and dominate the fashion world,” a Boohoo spokesperson said in a press release.

Aside from the movie’s main character, people are also taking a liking to one of her quirky friends. Weird Barbie, played by actress Kate McKinnon, received the highest number of costume-related searches in four states: Massachusetts, California, Missouri and Virginia.

In one Massachusetts neighborhood, people have even spotted “skeletons” wearing Weird Barbie costumes outside a home, adding to the festive spirit.

A Weird Barbie skeleton is displayed in Longmeadow, Mass. (Photo provided to WWLP)

Halloween enthusiasts seem to be drawing inspiration from The Addams Family this year as well. Wednesday Addams ranked as the second most-searched pop culture costume, according to the study. Twelve states, including Florida and Ohio, searched for this particular character more than any other costume in the category.

The most popular Halloween costumes in each state

The following chart shows the full list of popular costumes in every US state, based on Google searches, according to Boohoo.

State Traditional Costume Pop Culture Costume 
Alabama Skeleton Wednesday Addams 
Alaska Ghost Cruella de Vil 
Arizona Skeleton Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man 
Arkansas Scarecrow Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros 
California Skeleton Weird Barbie from Barbie 
Colorado Ghost Barbie from Barbie 
Connecticut Skeleton Barbie from Barbie 
Delaware Cat Barbie from Barbie 
Florida Skeleton Wednesday Addams 
Georgia Vampire Wednesday Addams 
Hawaii Witch Wednesday Addams 
Idaho Zombie Barbie from Barbie 
Illinois Pirate Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros 
Indiana Skeleton Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros 
Iowa Zombie Wednesday Addams 
Kansas Clown Barbie from Barbie 
Kentucky Witch Harley Quinn 
Louisiana Zombie Poison Ivy 
Maine Vampire Wednesday Addams 
Maryland Ghost Wednesday Addams 
Massachusetts Skeleton Weird Barbie from Barbie 
Michigan Witch Barbie from Barbie 
Minnesota Vampire Barbie from Barbie 
Mississippi Ghost Barbie from Barbie 
Missouri Ghost Weird Barbie from Barbie 
Montana Skeleton Barbie from Barbie 
Nebraska Dog Barbie from Barbie 
Nevada Ghost Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros 
New Hampshire Witch Barbie from Barbie 
New Jersey Ghost Wonder Woman 
New Mexico Skeleton Wednesday Addams 
New York Skeleton Barbie from Barbie 
North Carolina Angel Wednesday Addams 
North Dakota Ghost Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros 
Ohio Vampire Wednesday Addams 
Oklahoma Skeleton Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros 
Oregon Zombie Harley Quinn 
Pennsylvania Zombie Catwoman 
Rhode Island Skeleton Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros 
South Carolina Pirate Wonder Woman 
South Dakota Pirate Barbie from Barbie 
Tennessee Dog Harley Quinn 
Texas Skeleton Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros 
Utah Cat Wednesday Addams 
Vermont Skeleton Wednesday Addams 
Virginia Ghost Weird Barbie from Barbie 
Washington Dog Harley Quinn 
West Virginia Vampire Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros 
Wisconsin Vampire Cruella de Vil 
Wyoming Zombie Barbie from Barbie 

As for classic favorites, the experts found that skeletons are the most-searched traditional costumes this Halloween while ghosts are the second. Vampires and Zombies tied for third.