10 years later, Long Island Serial Killer case still unsolved


LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (WIVB–TV)–It’s been 10 years since the Long Island Serial killer case. Followers of this story may remember one of the victims was a Buffalo native.

Erin Moriarty of CBS’ 48 hours sheds light on one of the nation’s most disturbing unsolved mysteries.

“The killer of the GilGo four had a type. The women were very similar. One investigator mentioned he thought he might have been scrolling online to pick his victims, and that’s very chilling.”

Over the course of time as police investigated, 10 sets of remains were found. Four women were found first, including Western New York’s Melissa Barthélemy, who was 24. Their bodies were found in an isolated area off Ocean Parkway on Long Island, near GilGo beach. She and the other three were dubbed the GilGo four.

“I’m sure you’re familiar in Buffalo that this killer had a real cruel streak because he called Melissa Barthélemy’s little sister Amanda and told her he had killed her sister,” recounts Moriarty.

Before Barthélemy was identified in the GilGo four remains and was considered missing, News 4 spoke with her mother, who also worried that she’d moved from Erie County to New York City.

“Before we hung up, I always said ‘I love you, be careful.’ I said, you know, if you get in trouble, it’s not like you’re around the block. I said it’s going to take me seven hours to get to you.”

In the time and years that followed, Lynn Barthelemy continued to fight for justice for her daughter.

“I just know that he’s a very sick individual, and he needs to be caught as soon as possible.”

But so far, a killer hasn’t been caught.

48 hours’ Erin Moriarty says serial killers are hard to track down because they’re not connected to their victims. And from 2012 to 2015, there was known corruption among Suffolk County law enforcement.

The current police commissioner is determined to solve these crimes once in for all, and that’s why 10 years later, she’s breathing new life into the investigation, asking people with tips to come forward. Moriarty does believe this will eventually be solved, either thanks to tips or the improvement in technology.

Erica Brecher is an anchor and reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2018. See more of her work here.


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