14-year-old who had an anchor lodged in his skull 6 months ago has made an almost full recovery


(CNN)– There’s a 14-year-old in Florida whose friends are now calling “anchor-man.”

It’s not because he’s a Ron Burgundy fan, it’s because he’s a bit of a miracle.

Caleb Bennett didn’t think he’d survive when an actual anchor lodged in his head.

The freak accident happened when the anchor fell from the boat and swung into Caleb’s head after its line pulled too tight.

He was fishing with his brother and some friends at the time.

He even said, “I’m probably going to die” while holding the anchor with one hand and asking his friend to call 911.

Doctors were a bit more hopeful, but even they feared he may never speak or move his limbs again.

Just five days after the March accident, Caleb was walking again.

Now, six months later, the only residual effect of the accident are minor seizures, which he controls with medication.

His neurosurgeon calls the recovery “one in a million.”

The ordeal hasn’t kept Caleb off the water, he still likes to go fishing.

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