4-Mented in WNY: Labatt Brew House


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – For many, the name “Labatt” is synonymous with “Blue”.

At the Labatt Brew House in Buffalo’s Cobblestone District, you can find Labatt products beyond lagers- brews like “Floral Shirt Friday”, “Habenero IPA”, and “Punk Paradise IPA”.

“We typically have eight beers on tap here at any given time, so I like to have a little something for everyone,” Labatt USA brewmaster Ryan Brady said. “It’s not all IPAs or all lagers or any one thing.”

The brewery is Labatt’s first innovation brewery in the U.S.

“This is our first try at having something like this on U.S. soil,” Brady said. “We wanted to have something that was unique to the United States because it’s a different beer consumer in the U.S.”

The brewery’s ten barrel brewing system is illuminated with color-changing LED lights.

“It’s a really nice showpiece- you can come in and see the entire thing from the taproom here,” Brady said. “It allows us flexibility- there’s no style of beer we can’t brew with it.”

The brewery is celebrating one year of being open on Nov. 15 with a birthday party and the release of a birthday cake stout and its first canned offering.

The reaction has been “super positive overall” since the brewery opened last year, Brady said.

“We get a decent amount of surprise and shock from people because they know Blue and Blue Light, and most people are coming here because they like Blue and Blue Light,” Brady said. “They come in and see something like a raspberry sour or a milkshake IPA and there’s a little bit of cognitive dissonance, but most people are open to it.”

Attached to the Labatt Brew House is Pegula Sports and Entertainment-operated The Draft Room, a large pub serving up all of the beers Labatt offers, plus some other Western New York favorites.

The Draft Room is also celebrating its one year anniversary today.

“The reaction has been fantastic,” The Draft Room general manager Brian Tierney said. “Fans come in before a game, have a beer have a meal- even on non-game days, we have a lot of stuff going on.”

The Draft Room offers a full menu, serving up meatballs and pierogis alongside burgers, wings and salads.

Guests can also grab a baked pretzel made at the onsite Bakery 55.

“It’s a very old building that they’ve transformed into a very nice space,” Tierney said.

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