4 Notable Quotes: Sean McDermott – Bills Vs. Dolphins


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – As the Bills begin prep for their Week 7 showdown, head coach Sean McDermott discussed the trade of wide receiver Zay Jones to the Raiders, the return of running back Devin Singletary from his first injury in the NFL and how the team is moving forward to prepare for the Dolphins (0-5).

Here are 4 Notable Quotes from the Bills head coach.

Q: This is the first time we’ve talked to you since the Zay Jones trade, what was sort of the reasoning behind that? And maybe what went wrong for him?

A: Yeah, I mean, listen, he’s a good player, and a tremendous person so we wish him the best. We know he’s going to do good things out there in Oakland and sometimes a change in scenery is good and, so for us it’s us moving forward and we felt like this was the right time for us.

Q: How have you been able to see Devin handle this injury setback so early in his career? He saw some success early on in limited action in the early weeks, and then having to be on the shelf and take a step back the last couple of weeks, how have you seen him handle that?

A: Yeah, you learn from adversity. We all have scars. The older you get, the more scars you, seem to, or at least I seem to, accumulate, and so you learn from those scars and you try and work through it and help it to – you take it and can use it to make it better as you move forward.

Q:  The Dolphins just said that Ryan [Fitzpatrick] will start Sunday.  Does that change anything for you guys in terms of preparation?

A: You know, I mean, listen, they’re both good quarterbacks. You know, Fitz playing here, I know he’s well liked in this area for what he did and you could see that.  He’s played with some of the guys that I’ve been around since coming here and his presence speaks for itself. He’s a positive energetic guy. And, so it’ll be a good week of preparation for us and a big challenge for us. This is a team that’s played well, in particular after the first game and it’s been close up until the very end, particularly last week.  So, when you look at the scores, you look at how they are improving week to week. They’re a team that doesn’t beat themselves with penalties and so we’ve got to have a good week of preparation.

Q: You’re a 16.5 point favorite this week, that’s what Minnesota was last year when they faced you, do you think you have to remind your players about that?

A: Well it’s a good point. You know, listen it’s like I said before, I don’t think, if you’re focused on that, then you’re focused on the wrong things. We’ve got to focus on where we are, what we have to do to improve and, and make sure we’re ready to go come Sunday, and that’s, and I’ve said before, as I stated at the outset of this press conference is this is a good football team, and when you turn the tape on and you watch them play to credit to their coaches, and credit to their players, how they play.

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