4 Notable Quotes: Sean McDermott – Bills Vs. Giants



1 – Q:  Do you prepare with the thought that maybe you will see both quarterbacks?
A:  To a point I think we do that every week.  This week will be no different.  I don’t anticipate that being any different in terms of knowing and preparing for the skillset of both.  But really, putting most of our time in to the number one quarterback.  Yeah so, listen Eli Manning, you just turn the tape on and he is from preseason to the first week of regular season, he is having a phenomenal year.  I spent a lot of time going against him years ago when I was in the NFC East and to me, he is playing as good as he’s played.  That is a credit to him, a credit to what they’ve done schematically as well.  We have a lot of respect for Eli.

2 – Q: When you watch the video of Saquon Barkley, first off what jumps out to you with his talent, and then blending that in to your thoughts on how to defend him?
A: Yeah, I think he’s an incredible player. I mean really the first time spending any amount of time studying coach’s film on Saquon, an incredible player. Strong, fast, lateral quickness, great vision, great balance; very rarely do you see one guy bring him down, so it’ll be a big challenge for us.

3 –
Q: What do you think of the instant chemistry between Josh Allen and John Brown established throughout the summer and then to see it materialize to what happened on Sunday? What do you make of John Brown specifically and how he’s been able to adapt to what Josh can do, and do what he’s done so far?
A: Yeah, John’s been on a couple of different teams, so what I love about that is John’s mental toughness, his resiliency, he’s a team first guy, so he’s quick to adapt and adjust his game to the new system in this case. His rapport with Josh really speaks to his unselfishness, his team first mentality, and I think that really bodes well for that relationship between a wide receiver and a quarterback in terms of the communication.

4 – Q:  Sean, I don’t think we hear Tre’Davious White’s name mention very often.  They didn’t target him.  Can you just speak to where his game is right now, especially already this early in this season?
A:  Yeah, he’s got a big challenge ahead of him this week, like our secondary as a whole does.  I think he continues to improve which is fun to watch.  He is a young man that challenges himself week to week and continues to grow and improve week to week.  There have been times where he has a, like all of us, a mistake in there, but he comes back, he hits the reset button and gets right back on it.  Which is, that is fun to watch.  

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