4 Notable Quotes: Sean McDermott


The Bills began mandatory minicamp on Tuesday. Head coach Sean McDermott met with the media prior to the start of practice. Among the topics were: John Brown’s speed, the return of starting center Mitch Morse and Frank Gore’s leadership. Here’s 4 notable quotes from Sean McDermott’s press conference on Tuesday: 

Q: What do you make of Mitch now that you’ve had a chance to meet with him and be around him? This easy-going nature, that he seems unflappable and just the qualities that he brings, not only on the field but just that quality that he brings to the room and being that guy in that important of a position.

A: Yeah, right. That’s inherent with that center position, with what comes with that it’s a leadership position. Very similar to the quarterback position, obviously not quite as much. A lot of what we do and a lot of what other people do runs through that offensive line and that center position. Mitch’s personality, his approach to his job is, in the very short amount of time that we have been around each other, has been what we had hoped it would be. To your point, he’s humble, wants to work at it, and has a great way of connecting others to what he is trying to accomplish.

Q:  At one point during OTA’s, Leslie [Frazier] talked about Trent Murphy looking like a different player, obviously having the injury making him behind. What have you seen from him this off season?

A:  I would say the same thing, I really would. He just looks like he’s in a different mental space. Another year removed from where he was last year when we first got him here and there’s a lot that goes into that. Trent’s a better one to task than I am but just what I’ve observed is he’s obviously worked his butt off before he came back here and he’s worked his butt off since he’s been back. You watch him from a leadership standpoint, leading in his own way probably different than others but effective nonetheless. He is a big part of what we plan to do and effecting the quarterback and I just really appreciate what he brings to the table. It’s no surprise having met his family recently and to watch the way they think work ethic is so important in their family, Trent really embodies that.  

Q:  How impressed are you with the sure speed of John Brown?  The sure speed John Brown brings to the offense, what else beyond his speed does he bring that you’ve seen in his workouts?

A: John is a good football player. If you go back of couple years to when he was in Arizona, we faced John at least once, I believe maybe twice, maybe even three times where he was in Arizona and we were in Carolina. Then, in Baltimore last year he was also a guy we looked at in the free agency period last year to get him here. He’s a good football player, he brings a lot to the table. I’m just getting to know him in particular but outside of that it’s the speed factor, his route craft and so and so forth. But the person that I’ve gotten to know a little bit at least to this point, just outstanding. He just had a baby last week and I know he is a proud daddy.  You get to see some of these guys go through some real life experiences and that’s fun to watch.  

Q: Sean, how have you seen Frank Gore’s leadership already make an impact on this team?

A:  Frank does it his way. When I say that I mean he does it our way but at the end of the day, he is who he is and there’s a lot of power in that. He really doesn’t give a whole lot about what others say or think about him and that’s part of what’s made him good over the years. I love what he brings to us and that’s really all that matters.  I know a lot of people question his age and this and that, and that’s real but this is another guy like Devin that’s proving people wrong in the course of his career as well in particular of late. At our run period the other day we are just working on our runs and he got in there and gave us some good juice. The energy that comes from that, the guys know, he’s all about ball and he loves football. You can see that in the way he goes about his business in and out of the building and on the practice field and that’s what being a pro is really all about.

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