4 Warn Weather certified as Most Accurate in WNY


Audiences have trusted the 4 Warn Weather team to give keep them informed in times of severe weather.

Now, that team is certified as the Most Accurate in Western New York.

WeatheRate is the only independent weather forecast verification company in the nation. The company is not affiliated with any TV station or company.

The organization has employees review the four-day forecasts from local TV stations in major metropolitan areas every day of the year. WeatheRate also gets local observed weather data.

The forecast and observed weather data are fed into their patented software, WeatherTracker II. This software compares the forecast with the actual observed conditions.

The organization verifies high and low temperatures, sky cover, precipitation, snow accumulation, wind and fog. WeatheRate said accuracy in predicting severe weather and timing of precipitation also comes into play.

Through a series of mathematical calculations, WeatheRate determines which TV stations have the best daily, weekly and monthly accuracy.

Every March, WeatheRate gives their seal of approval to the TV station that provides the most accurate weather forecast in the market. .

After analyzing the Western New York market, they have decided that 4 Warn Weather leads the region in forecasting accuracy.

No matter the conditions, viewers can always count on Todd Santos, Mike Cejka, Andrew Baglini, and Stevie Daniels to deliver a forecast that is reliable, timely, and most of all, accurate.

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