5 Questions – Dion Dawkins at the mic


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Typically for 5 Questions, our Buffalo Kickoff LIVE crew asks a player a few questions.  This week — we turned it over to one of the funniest, most likable guys in the locker room — offensive lineman Dion Dawkins.

Dion Dawkins – Are we rolling? Alright, we’re rolling. So listen, around the locker room we have a lot of guys, lockers, but right here we have the legendary T2 — Tyrod Taylor. So T, you’re one of the fly guys. You always give me tips about the sneakers. What’s your go to shoe and why?

Tyrod Taylor: “Growing up I was an Air Force One kind of guy. After that, a Jordan, something retro like when he was with the Bulls.”

DD: So, elite shoes.


DD: What up (Seantrel). Just curious, how you feeling today?

Seantrel Henderson: “You see I’m playing a game, right?”

DD: Yeah.

SH: Ok.”


DD: We have a little trivia thing going on right now.  I’m just curious to know if you have a favorite rookie from this year’s class? There’s a couple of rookies next to you — Dion Dawkins — I think Connor McDermott is over there. Just curious, who is your favorite rookie?

Ryan Davis: “That’s going to be tough. THis rookie class there’s a lot of guys in there…I wouldn’t even go to work with them. I’m just kidding!  You’re my guy!”

DD: Oh ok!


DD: I just want to know P, who is your favorite rookie in the locker room?

Preston Brown: “Matt Milano.”

DD: Because of what?

PB: “He’s amazing. He beats you at practice, you can’t block him, he gets picks every day so Matt is the man.”

DD: Do you have a favorite big guy?

PB: “Probably, Seantrel.  He’s probably one of the tallest so he’s my favorite.”

DD: What about rookie?

PB: “Is Connor a rookie?”

DD: Connor might be a rookie.

PB: “You’re alright. You gave me that sack in college so…”

DD: Interview over fellas, thank you very much.

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