Santa’s helpers anonymously make spirits bright in by paying off layaway bills at Walmart

Niagara Falls

NIAGARA FALLS N.Y. (WIVB) — Santa’s helpers are spreading holiday cheer by paying off people’s layaway items at the Walmart in Niagara Falls.

“I never win anything,” Niagara Falls resident Kathryn Kitchen said. “I’m not that lucky person so it felt good.”

Kathryn was finishing up her holiday shopping and had about $50 of toys on layaway at Walmart. However, before she went to pay the remaining balance, she was notified that someone beat her to it.

“I was just thankful, you know.” she said. “That was very nice of someone who doesn’t even know you to like pay a bill for you.”

She said she stopped by the Walmart in Niagara Falls to try and find out who the kind gesture was from. She said all she was told was it was a group of women who chose, at random, people’s layaway orders to pay off.

“It just goes to show, how important it is to be kind to others and just do nice things for people you know because I feel like it comes back to you when you do things like that,” she said. “I think this is a perfect example.”

Kathryn said Walmart employees said the women want to be left anonymous. Their good deed helped pay for Christmas toys for Kathryn’s three year-old daughter, Caterina.

Although the secret Santas wish to remain a secret, Kathryn says she wanted to reach out and let them know how much this means to her.

“I just want to thank them and I wish there was more people like them in the world,” she said. “They paid off random people’s bills which I think is amazing and I think it deserves recognition.”

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