Buffalo Creek Academy transforms traditional classroom into a teaching studio for remote learning


Teachers at Buffalo Creek Academy started classes earlier this week and they’re teaching in a room that looks a lot like a Youtuber video set.

It’s called a teaching studio, they’re complete with studio lighting, computers, Wi-Fi and a video camera.

“It’s quite amazing to come to work actually and teach like this. Its’ just amazing my students are right in front of me I get to see them every single day,” said Erin Lawson teacher Buffalo Creek Academy.

The school’s founder, Christopher R. Manning  says they actually got the idea from Youtubers online. The goal was to make sure the students had a brightly lit and distraction free virtual learning experience. 

The Buffalo Creek Academy is a brand new charter in Buffalo. This is their very first school year of operation. This year is a little unorthodox, because they’re opening during a pandemic.  

“So, right when the pandemic started to become a reality, we had to think  through.. How will we open our program if children are not able to come inside the school?” Manning said.

Because of the pandemic, they had to think outside the box and they literally brought the school to the students.

There’s about 60 students enrolled in the school and the school delivered a desk, chairs, computers and a wifi hotspot straight to their homes.

There’s even a privacy barrier kids can put on the back of their chairs to reduce distractions from the goings-on inside their house.

“They’re in school, their parents know once they have their polo shirt on, and they’re logged in, they’re in school as if they were sitting inside the classroom,” Manning said. “They’re not chewing, petting their cat, talking to their cousin or brother they’re in class.”

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