A look back: What life was like the last time the Bills were 8-3


ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – A lot has changed since the last time the Buffalo Bills had an 8-3 record back in 1996.

For starters, it was the year Bill Clinton was re-elected as President and a gallon of gas was a $1.22.

Long before Pokémon GO was a thing, the original Pokémon was introduced to the world in 1996. That’s the same year eBay started its online auction and shopping website.

But back to the Bills, which as 90’s slang would have it, were “All that and a bag of chips.” That was when Jim Kelly was the quarterback, the Bills had cheerleaders and their win against the Philadelphia Eagles brought them to 8-3.

The same excitement and energy from 23 years ago is felt now in 2019 from Bills fans near and far.

“All the way from Ireland,” said Bills fan Paddy O’Reilly. “We flew in last night, our eyes are pretty tired and yeah, we’re flying home tomorrow just here for the game. Go Bills!”

Although there were some doubters out there.

“I think it’s gonna be awesome but I don’t think they can win a playoff game, they’re just not that good,” said Bills fan David Plossl.

One thing that will probably always stay the same from year after year, Bills fans love their team and other places notice.

“Buffalo rules. We go to different states every year and this is probably one of the most funnest states. It was a good time, it was a great time,” said Broncos fan Georgia Vasquez.

Here’s what some of our viewers looked like the last time the Bills were 8-3:

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