A UB student is suing two Erie County deputies for an incident at New Era Field in 2017 that left him with serious injuries and bloody face. 

Nicholas H. Belsito was a student at University at Buffalo when he attended a December 3, 2017 Bills game at New Era Field. 

Belsito says that he approached a police cruiser to ask deputies about a friend they had arrested. 

A body camera video of the incident shows Deputy Achtyl telling Belsito to “beat it” several times and asked him if he wanted to go to jail. 

Belsito walked away, but turned back toward the cruiser to curse. At that time, Achtyl exited the car to detain Belsito. 

The lawsuit accuses Deputy Achytl of using unnecessary force by striking Belsito in the head with a baton and smashing him into the cruiser. As a result, Belsito sustained a facial fracture and other injuries from the incident. 

The lawsuit accuses Deputy Flowers of failing to intervene and falsely arresting Belsito on charges that eventually were dismissed in court.