BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – It is that time of the year again – time to talk about rising gas prices, which jumped significantly overnight.

News 4 has been hearing from drivers who say gas prices are manageable, but we’re also hearing from folks who say they’re already getting too expensive.

The price now at a Kwik Fill on Elmwood Avenue in Kenmore for a gallon of gas is $3.49 for regular, it was ten cents higher Monday morning, but got changed based off of what nearby competitors were selling.

“It’s crazy the gas prices are outrageous, I only complain because I drive a bigger SUV and I have to have the super, so super is pretty high almost five dollars,” said

Here’s the latest breakdown on gas prices in the Buffalo area from AAA:

The current average is $3.46; one week ago the average was 12 cents lower and a year ago we were already paying more than 4 dollars a gallon.

AAA says that oil prices jumped overnight resulting in higher prices at the pump, due to an announcement from OPEC to cut oil production.

Local gas stations have been monitoring what their competitors are doing and raising or lowering prices accordingly.

“Three or four times a month I go up to the reservation and its cheaper on Mondays and the on the average I put between $20 and $40 in the city and you get between a quarter of a tank and a half a tank of gas for 40 bucks,” said Harris Rodger of Buffalo.

AAA has some tips on how you can get better gas mileage, such as removing heavy things in your car that you don’t need, using cruise control on the highway if you can, plus there are discount plans as well.

We’re hearing from drivers who are taking special trips to the reservation to get cheaper gas there. Experts say you can expect gas prices to continue to go up — not good news for drivers, with driving season on the way.

Elizabeth Carey from AAA joined News 4 at 5 on Monday to talk more about the rising costs at the pump.

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