AAA reminds drivers to prepare vehicles for the elements during Car Care Month


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–October is Car Care Month, and as the weather begins to cool, AAA wants to remind drivers to do a seasonal checkup to stay safe through the fall and winter.

AAA has tips for drivers to prepare for the elements that come with the winter season in WNY.

You can check those out below:

  • Battery and charging system
    • An average car battery typically lasts three to five years. Drivers should have the battery and charging system tested prior to winter at a service facility or with AAA Mobile Battery Service, included in membership.
  • Traction
    • Replacing worn tires when tread depth begins to recede is critical to vehicle safety. Worn tires are much more likely to hydroplane on wet pavement or lose traction in the snow.
  • Suspension & Alignment
    • A poorly maintained suspension and alignment also will accelerate tire wear, reducing traction in adverse driving conditions.
  • Braking
    • Old brake fluid or low fluid levels can lead to brake failure. Inspect brake fluid at every oil change. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that brake fluid be replaced every two years.
  • Fluids
    • Leaking fluids are a sure sign of needed maintenance. They also can be a dangerous fire hazard. Have fluid leaks inspected and remedied as soon as they are detected.
  • Vision
    • Check a vehicle’s wiper blades at each oil change or whenever they fail to wipe the glass clean in a single swipe. The life of a rubber insert is typically six to 12 months. Check the washer fluid reservoir monthly. Make sure all lights are working properly.
  • Emergency Kit
    • AAA recommends keeping your emergency road kit stocked year round, but especially in the winter. The kit should include: cellphone charger, water, snacks, extra gloves/scarves, jumper cables, flashlight and a basic toolkit.

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