AAA urges responsibility on the road after NYE celebrations


(WIVB) — AAA is urging all drivers to be responsible when they hit the roads on New Year’s Eve, reminding partygoers to plan ahead and have a designated driver if they want to consume alcohol.

Here are some of the ways they say drinking a 12-ounce beer over the course of one hour can affect a 150 pound adult:

  • After one drink, inhibitions are lower.
  • After two drinks reaction time is slower.
  • After three drinks judgement is off.
  • After four drinks, hearing, speech, vision and balance are adversely affected.
  • After five drinks, most behaviors are affected.
  • After 12 drinks, the BAC reaches .30 percent. At .40 percent, a person may fall into a coma and die.

The bottom line, they say: Drink responsibly and DON’T drink and drive.

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