Airport snow plow operators from across the country compete for top prize in Buffalo


One group of people is celebrating the end of this winter weather by competing in a snow plow rodeo at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. 

The Buffalo airport has seen close to 112 inches of snow this season, and the men and women who make sure our runways are safe showed off their skills. They competed with those from other airports too. 

There were more than 30 snow plow operators in the competition from all over the country, and Canada. It was the 3rd annual snow plow rodeo in Buffalo. 

“Where else would you have a snow plow rodeo,” Jay Ball, the director of maintenance at the Roanoke Regional Airport, asked. “It’s just perfect setting, the weather is really cooperating this year.”

The snow plows they drive are 22 feet long, and they have to make it through an obstacle course of cones. The course includes two special obstacles: a stop sign drivers have to back into, and a curb they have to park in front of. 

The drivers compete for time. Every cone knocked over is 15 seconds off that time, and there’s a point system for the special obstacles. 

“It’s our way of saying thanks to the boots on the ground — drivers from around the country and world, from this brutal winter we’ve had,” Joe Guarino, the airfield superintendent at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, said. 

Christopher McBride, from the Buffalo airport ended up winning second place. The first place winner is from Bangor, Maine and the third place winner is from Alaska. 

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