Algal blooms popping up in the region Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper monitoring situation


The Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper has been tracking the presence of algal blooms in the waters in Western New York.

So far, there’s nine locations cited on an interactive map where algal blooms are present. Some of those places include Hyde Park Lake in Niagara Falls, Tonawanda Creek near the Bark Park and Ellicott Creek.

“It’s just the beginning, that’s the other thing, this is the beginning of the algal bloom season and so it will continue to October,” said Wendy Paterson Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper.

The algal bloom at Hyde Park Lake could be particularly dangerous, she said. It’s a Cyanobacteria bloom. Waterkeeper took a sample of the water and the DEC has to determine if it is producing a toxin. The toxin can be deadly to humans and animals.

“It could potentially lead to death if consumed at high levels, but that is only if it is producing that toxin, and if it is a species that produces the toxin,” she said. “We have reported it to the DEC and should be following up with information.”

Paterson says the high summer temperatures and unusually warm water conditions in the Great Lakes — have created ripe conditions for bloom development.

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Algal Bloom Map

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