Allen faces questions about tweets, prepares for future with Bills

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Josh Allen knows he’s now the face of the franchise.  Like most kids, it’s something he dreamed about growing up.

“To say I was sitting there knowing it was going to happen I couldn’t’t say that.  It was a long road, a long journey, and very frustrating at time,” the Bills newest quarterback said.  “I’ve been blessed throughout my life, with the support group have the family and the coaching staffs and teammates that I’ve been around. It’s been phenomenal.”

But, every move for the Bills No. 7 overall pick is going to be scrutinized.  And, for the third straight day the Wyoming quarterback faced questions surrounding offensive tweets, which included racial slurs, after they resurfaced ahead of the draft.

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“If I could go back and tell my 15-year-old self to not do it, I would do it,” Allen said.  “I’ve learned a lesson. A valuable lesson. Throughout my years in JC and in Division I, I experienced a lot of things, and if there is one thing I can say, I love my teammates and they love me.”

Prior to the first round of the draft starting, Allen, who met with owners Terry and Kim Pegula in Laramie and worked out for the team in Orchard Park, said his phone call with general manager Brandon Beane was emotional as they discussed the tweets.

“I just really wanted him to know the type of person I was.  Obviously, I was embarrassed by everything that happened,” Allen admitted.  “I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.  It happened. 

“They wanted to find out what they really knew about it. They had their ideas and knew the kind of guy I was.  It was about reassuring them. We went into some detail and it did get emotional.  I’m sitting here, my teammates, my family, they know the person I am and everybody in the world is scrutinizing me and saying all these things about me the things weren’t true.  That was hard for me to take in.”

As the quarterback expected to lead the team into the future, he’ll likely have to address the situation and his tweets with his teammates.  Appearing on the show One Bills Live, linebacker and captain Lorenzo Alexander encouraged his teammates to keep an open mind about the incoming rookie.  Allen, said he’ll likely address his teammates.

“It’s something that I’ve considered. When I get to meet the guys and how they feel, what they say to me. I wouldn’t be afraid or ashamed of doing,” he said. “I want them to know who I am. It happens. It was a mistake. I put it on my shoulders and I’ll take it on the chin going back to when I was young and dumb.

“I just want them to know who I am.  Once they get to know who I am, I think they’re going to like who I am and what I’m going to do with this franchise and that’s give them everything I have to help win football games.”

But, there are still questions surrounding Allen’s abilities as a quarterback after completing just 56 percent of his passes in two years with the Cowboys.  The California native noted had he completed 16 more passes in his career, his completion percentage would have jumped up to 62 percent.

Allen is no stranger to being doubted.  He didn’t have any college offers coming out of high school and had just two offers after spending a year in junior college.

“I’m ready to jump in QB room with Nate and AJ.  I’m going to learn from them.  Taking and picking apart whatever I can from those guys, learning from the coaches and competing every day and win a spot. My goal is to help win football game, being a starter in game one, game six, game 10 a year from now, two years from now or being a backup to AJ or Nate, that’s what I’m going to be.  I’m going to be the best teammate possible.”

As for his accuracy, Allen worked has been working with Jordan Palmer to refine his skills to prepare for life in the NFL.

“Everything up top in your throwing motion is directly linked to your feet. The last three to four months I’ve been working with Jordan Palmer to make it as consistent as possible.  Just trying to quiet for lower half and everything is consistently sequencing through and like I said, when I’m on time and on platform and trusting my guys, I’m as accurate as anybody.”

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