Animal Adventure’s Johari the giraffe may be pregnant


HARPURSVILLE, NY – Three years after April gave birth to Tajiri, Animal Adventure Park is preparing to possibly welcome in another baby giraffe.

The animal park in Harpursville has been monitoring and testing Johari as she’s been showing signs of pregnancy.

However, the staff remain unsure if she is actually pregnant.

Johari and Oliver made a connection back in July of last year, and with an average 15-month pregnancy period, that would put Johari due in the coming month or so.

Park Owner Jordan Patch says the tests they’ve run aren’t giving them the answers they would expect.

However, due to physical changes to Johari, Patch and the staff are more and more confident that she is expecting.

“The testing has continued to come back, three different tests, being inconclusive because of the different or varying progesterone levels. Why we’re at this point in September, and really questioning whether the tests were accurate is because of the physical changes we are seeing. There is significant growth. We’re seeing movement in the belly. She’s still thwarting Oliver. There hasn’t been a connection since July of 2019. These are all signs that would suggest we have a baby on board,” says Patch.

While it may take a little more time to determine whether Johari is pregnant or not, the park will be providing weekly updates each Friday through its Facebook page.

That will also include a live feed through the Giraffe Cam, similar to the one that captivated the world with April the Giraffe in 2017.

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