Approval for Fredonia roundabout rescinded


FREDONIA, N.Y. (WIVB) — Approval for a roundabout in Fredonia has been rescinded by the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT).

Plans were made to put a roundabout at the intersection of routes 60 and 20. It would feature long medians, preventing left turns from the highways, including turns to the McDonald’s on E. Main St.

The owner of that restaurant says more needs to be done. Enrico Francani thinks the roundabout plan benefits other nearby establishments, but penalizes his.

Enrico Francani said that the roundabout project needed to undergo an environmental impact review, despite the DOT’s determination that it wasn’t needed.

The DOT now must undertake the review as the result of a lawsuit by Francani.

“We presented NYSDOT a modified plan developed by a local traffic engineering firm that would have reasonably and safely remedied the problem,” Adam Walters, Esq., one of the attorneys representing Francani’s petition, said. “Because the NYSDOT was not receptive to our input, we had no choice but to pursue legal recourse. We remain hopeful that the NYSDOT will address these concerns fairly and openly.”

Francani wants the DOT to consider other options that would work better for local businesses.

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