WILLIAMSVILLE, NY (WIVB)- All it took was a some ground scanning technology and a few hours to find artifacts which could date back to the War of 1812 lying beneath Garrison Park in Williamsville.

“This was found about  eight inches below the surface, which is just wild,” said Williamsville Historian Dave Sherman, who showed News 4 the musket balls that were found in late October in the dirt below Garrison Park. A journalist and history buff, he’s always been intrigued by the fact that history records indicate there was a field hospital for the War of 1812 on that very site. So, with the help of WBEN-AM radio host Tom Bauerle, they found a company with ground scanning equipment. In just one day of scanning, they discovered not only the musket balls, but also a sort of needle in a haystack, a suture needle that was very likely used in the War of 1812 field hospital encampment.

 “There’s evidence that in addition to American and British soldiers being treated here that Native people were treated here, so, it’s pretty big,  said Sherman. The fact that no houses were ever built her, and it became Garrison Park is also indication that this was always a place of interest.)

“Everything we found that day warranted further exploration, there’s no doubt in my mind,” said Williamsville Mayor Dan Delano, who is putting together a special committee to plan a more extensive ground scan next spring. “Just to honor the fact that there was a hospital here would be huge,” said Mayor Delano. “We know where the War of 1812 Cemetery is on Aero Drive, but there’s a missing piece there.”

“It’s definitely an asset to the village and the community,” said Sherman, who has lived around the corner from the park for 27 years. “Whatever it was 200 years ago, that’s important too and that shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s a work in progress. I think there’s definitely room to expand it in better weather.”