Autism awareness month: programs offered in WNY


Avery Gill has a passion for writing rhymes.

The Buffalo based rapper has autism and is already working on his second CD thanks to the help of his life quality coach.

“What the life quality coach did was really connect him with the next step, how do you produce a rap CD, what does it take to do that,” said Tom Ess, People Inc. Associate Vice President.

Avery Gill is one of several individuals who takes part in a day hab arts experience program. It’s also where he perfects his craft.

“We have folks that attend Monday through Friday on a daytime schedule. We provide all different arts programming,” said Amy Jakiel, People Inc. Senior day supervisor.  

The autism spectrum is wide and no two people with the disorder are exactly the same.

“We see symptoms of maybe repetitive behavior, strict choice and having a routine that they want and also sometimes having a difficult time in social situations,” said Ess.

Staff members take care in giving each person special attention.

“It’s really just taking the time to find what that person responds to, what they are specifically good at. So the wider range of services we can offer the more potential we can realize in people,” said Jakiel.

The arts experience program at the People Inc. site on Delaware Avenue is just one of several day hab programs for people with autism and other developmental disabilities.

For more information about additional programs go to

People Inc. 716-817-7400

General inquiry admissions 716-880-3700

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