Baby is born inside truck stop in Cheektowaga


CHEEKTOWAGA N.Y. (WIVB) – A very unusual delivery was made at Jim’s Truck Stop in Cheektowaga this week. Restaurant workers say a woman gave birth inside the diner.

Restaurant manager Brian Degan said in all his years working at Jim’s Truck Stop, he never would have imagined anything like a baby being born inside the place, but on Friday night that’s exactly what happened.

Degan said a couple, who he believes are from Minnesota were traveling through for work, when they stopped at the restaurant. The woman, who’s first name we know is Chris, was eight months pregnant.

Degan said a little while later he heard a scream from inside the woman’s restroom, followed by a baby crying. After his staff went inside to check what was going on, that’s when he was told the woman had her baby inside the bathroom at the restaurant.

“Yea I didn’t believe it when my employees said she just had a baby inside the ladies room and I thought they were joking and they weren’t joking,” Degan said. “So I called right away and the ambullance was here within less than two minutes and she was at the hospital probably 15 minutes after that.”

The new mom and baby girl, named Nora, were taken to Oishei Children’s Hospital. We’re told both the mom and the baby are healthy and have since been released.

News 4 has made every attempt to reach out to the family, but because they are truck drivers and are not from the area, we have not been able to reach them. However, Jim’s truck stop was able to send them flowers while they were in the hospital recovering.

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