Back to school scams target parents on social media


(WTNH) – A lot of stores are offering back to school deals starting at the end of July, but it’s also when scam artists can target parents looking to save a buck. A lot of scams target social media sites.

“One of the common back to school scams that we see through social media is a promise that you can get an electrical deceive, such as a smartphone or tablet, for $20, or a $1,000 coupon for your shopping spree, or even a voucher that you can use at just the fraction of the price,” said Howard Schwartz of the Better Business Bureau. “That simply doesn’t make sense.”

Scams like these require the user to only open up the text message or just click on the ad and suddenly malware is downloaded, allowing the person in control of it every piece of information in your computer, like your passwords and credit card information.

Don’t click on an ad on social media unless you’ve actually signed up for deals with that retailer.

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