Baltimore radio host calls Bills fans losers, fans get even by giving back


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The City of Good Neighbors once again proved why they earned that nickname after getting called the “City of Losers” on a Baltimore radio station.

According to 26 Shirts owner Del Reid, the whole thing started as Twitter banter between himself and a Baltimore radio host, Jerry Coleman.

Coleman took to the airwaves Thursday where he called Reid, Bills Mafia and the City of Buffalo losers.

But instead of retaliating negatively, Bills Mafia decided to get even by giving back.

Reid’s longtime friend and fellow Bills fan Stephen Brown decided the best way to react wasn’t with a strongly worded tweet, it was by donating to the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of Coleman.

“I went to that reporter’s Twitter page and I saw he had a pinned tweet talking about his mom dealing with Alzheimer’s,” Brown told News 4. “That is a terrible disease that has affected so many, so I knew that was the cause, and I knew what to do from watching Del do it so many other times; we needed to donate.”

Brown tweeted his plan to Reid, who shared it with his followers.

“Steve said ‘you know what, I’m going to donate to the Alzheimer’s organization in this guy’s honor,’ and I said ‘that’s a great idea,'” Reid said. “So I did that as well and encouraged the people that follow me to do the same.”

Within hours, Bills fans donated hundreds of dollars to the Alzheimer’s Association, many noting it was in honor of the Baltimore radio host.

“Bills fans have quite a reputation on the national scene for a lot of extracurricular activities,” Reid said. “But I think this is the true reflection of – not even just Bills fans – but really Western New York.”

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