The NFTA says starting in October Spirit Airlines, which provides low-cost flights from the Niagara Falls International Airport, will be suspending its operations.

In Buffalo, Prior Aviation, a company that has been at the Buffalo International Airport for more than 50 years is leaving for good. A Dallas based company, TAC Air,  is taking over. TAC Air will be providing services, like fueling and maintenance,  to both private and commercial airplanes at the airport.

TAC Air hopes to make a few upgrades when they arrive.

“We have been in some conversations with the airport authority to talk about what the opportunities are,” said Tad Perryman, vice president of marketing TAC Air. “They’re working with them to determine what the best upgrades will be and what the future might hold.”

What does this change mean for the folks who are currently employed with prior?

“So, we are bringing on the employees that are there working for Prior, and it’s about 120 employees, they’re going to move right underneath TAC Air doing the same programs and services that Prior was providing,” said Perryman.

Prior Aviation wasn’t available for comment.  Spirit Airlines did not respond to attempts for comment.