BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Big Ditch Brewing will soon be able to produce more beer than ever before by opening a new production facility on Oak Street downtown.

The new facility is just a few blocks from the brewery on East Huron Street.

President and co-founder Matt Kahn said since 2018 they’ve been full up in terms of how much beer they can make at once.

“After looking at a number of different options we decided to open just a production facility over at 101 Oak Street which is just a few blocks away from here,” Kahn said.

They’ll be able to make more than double the amount of beer, opening up opportunity for creativity at the existing brewery.

“You should see more innovative beers and styles maybe things that stray a little further from the beer industry like seltzer or maybe even non-alcoholic beverages.”

They’ll also be selling larger packages of beer, like 12 or 15 packs, where they currently only sell six packs. They also plan to expand into more markets.

“We backordered almost every beer we made in 2021 at some point or another because we just didn’t have the room to make them all at once. That should eliminate that problem and allow us to get more out to the market so we can sell more to bars and restaurants as opposed to just selling to supermarkets,” Kahn said. “We should be, by the end of next year, distributed through most of New York State.”

Delays due to COVID have set them back, but they’re also still working on opening a destination brewery on Transit Road on the Williamsville-Cheektowaga border just off the thruway.

“It’s still gonna take us some time but we’re still working diligently at it. We’re very excited about that project and what it could do for Big Ditch and really we’re hoping to sort of put Western New York on the map as having a true tourism-based brewery that people form all over the state might want to come and see.”

Construction at the Oak Street facility is expected to begin in the next few weeks. They hope to brew the first batches of beer in the new facility by the end of May.