BUFFALO (WIVB) — A Bills fan is home from Phoenix, after watching the Kansas City Chiefs win it all at the Super Bowl.

And KC was the team she was rooting for.

It was a rare sight: Kristen Kimmick, wearing red and yellow in the stands.

But she said if the Bills couldn’t be in it, Kansas City was the second best bet, because the Chiefs were her dad’s favorite.

“We had a unique relationship because it was just the two of us (growing up),” Kristen Kimmick said. “He was a dad, but more than that, he was my best friend.”

In 2018, Kimmick went over to her dad’s house for dinner. The Chiefs were just kicked out of the playoffs and he was not happy.

“I just kind of laughed and said, ‘You didn’t get it this time, but you guys have Patrick Mahomes. You guys have a dynasty, you’re going to see some Super Bowls and get one,'” she said. “And I’ll never forget it — he turned around and looked at me and said, ‘Yeah, but I won’t live long enough to see it.”

The next year, three months before the Chiefs won their first Super Bowl in nearly 50 years, he passed away.

“He passed suddenly due to a stroke… and he passed young.”

Since then, she’s made it her goal to live out his legacy.

Her dad engrained in her to show compassion to others. So she turned her group, the ‘Bills Mafia Babes’ into a 501(c)(3), giving back to a different players’ charity every month.

One of those players was former linebacker, Lorenzo Alexander. And as a thank you for helping his organization, two weeks before the Super Bowl, he gifted the Bills Mafia Babes two tickets to the big game.

So she flew to Phoenix and in her dad’s KC hat and his wristwatch, along with some of his ashes around her neck, she watched the Chiefs win it all.

“I was just so glad that he was there,” she said. “He was there physically with his items on me, but I know that he was there in spirit.”

Kimmick said her dad taught her so much, and she hopes their story teaches others something too.

“You make things work,” she said. “You figure out how to do that and make sacrifices to get those things that you want for yourself, your family, for others — because you don’t know when that last shot is going to be for you, or somebody else that you love. So tell people you love them… chase your dreams.”

Kelsey Anderson is an award-winning anchor who came back home to Buffalo in 2018. See more of her work here and follow her on Twitter.