ERIE COUNTY, N.Y. (WIVB) –After 25-years since the Bills’ last trip to the AFC Championship,the team has unfortunately lost some fans along the way.

Army Lt. Col. Patrick miller, originally from Western New York, isn’t letting those fans be forgotten while celebrating the team’s success this season.

“Just another way to bring Bills fans together and to symbolize just how big and important this really is to a lot of people.”

Miller posted on Twitter, asking fans to post a picture of someone they’ve lost, either at or watching a Bills game as a tribute to them. He started the chain with a picture of his mom, a big Bills fan, who passed away from cancer in 2019.

“She loved the Bills so much. I’m an emotional guy anyways right? In 2017 when we broke the drought, that video but every Bill’s win has been that much more emotional since my mom passed away.”

Miller is known in Western New York as a hero for his valor during the Fort Hood shooting in 2014.
And growing up in Allegany, he’s also a huge supporter of the Buffalo Bills.

“Like many of us, my love for the Bills started with my parents, specifically my mom. I was born into it right.”

Miller’s received countless responses, with people posting pictures of their loved ones in Bills gear on Twitter. Some, he says, have been emotional to read.

“I choked up a few times. There was a gentleman who posted a picture of his baby daughter and the context was like this was her last Bills game. She never survived to watch another one. I’ve seen so many people who the last photo that was taken of them was tailgating or watching the game on tv.”

And like many who watched their loved ones pass while hoping and waiting for the Bills’ success,
he’s hoping this tribute brings each and every one of them, along for the celebration.