Bills: Local pizzerias prepare for influx of orders on an unusual Tuesday Bills game day


It’s not your typical game day, the owners of some local pizzerias have been getting ready for an unusual spike in business, because of the Tuesday night Bills game.

The folks at Blasdell Pizza on Southwestern Blvd in Hamburg say they’re not sure what to expect, but they’re prepared for anything. They’ve been busying prepping pizzas and wings to fill dozens of orders.

“We wouldn’t have a night like this normally, so anytime that we get a game that’s not your typical game that’s on a Monday night or a Sunday night, or a Thursday night definitely helps business,” said Marcos Santana owner.

The pizzeria is nearby the stadium. The owners say they’re used to having more people around on game day, but now it’s different because of covid19.

“Being close to the stadium always helps too,” said Santana. “On a normal game that’s at home, this place would be flooded, crowded with bills fans, so it’s a little bit different now that there is no fans at the game anymore. So business is kind of the same but the feel is different,” Santana said.

Over in Buffalo, at Mineo’s South Pizzeria on South Park Avenue they’re ready for whatever Bills fans dish-up. Staff was busy prepping the dough, sauce and all the toppings.

“Getting all the dough ready, get the sauce made, shredding the cheese, getting all the wings counted out ready to go,” said Matt Franko, owner Mineo’s South Pizzeria. “You’re used to Sundays, you got bigger staff on, I got as much people as I can today, but it’s going to be tough. I would say between 4:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. it’s going to be pretty chaotic.”

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