ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — During away games, Bills running back Taiwan Jones found a guy to help watch his dog. What he didn’t realize though is that guy, named Dakarai, started a nonprofit here and was well known in the area for his passion for helping others.

“I built a great relationship with Dakarai before I even knew he did a lot of work in the community,” Jones said. “One day I was driving and saw his face on the billboard and was like, ‘Yo, I know this kid.'”

Jones called Dakarai up and asked him what the billboard was all about. He told him he was involved in a nonprofit called ‘Candles in the S.U.N.’ and Jones immediately signed up to help.

“To hear he was doing a lot of stuff in the inner city, I told him that I’m more to happy to be involved,” Jones said. “And little did I know he is very heavily involved in the community.”

Candles in the S.U.N. has a mentorship program, and helps community members who need help.

“I do things from going to different Boys and Girls clubs, and meeting with different kids,” Jones said. “Being reachable, talking with them, trying to inspire them. We also go out into communities and pass out food or clothing, whatever is necessary for that community.”

After the Tops shooting on May 14th, the nonprofit jumped into action and Jones went with them.

“One of the things we wanted to do was let these families know, what they experienced, we definitely feel for them,” Jones said. “The Buffalo locker room — anything we can do to help, whether it’s bringing awareness, raising funds, inviting them to the games, we just want them to know we feel their pain and are here for them.”

Jones wore cleats with the ‘Buffalo 10’ written on them last week. Candles in the S.U.N. helped design them.

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