BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – The staff at Bocce Club Pizza on Hertel have been busy all week preparing for the Buffalo Bills, big game on Sunday.

“Last week was a great week, busy all day,” said Frank Zorechak, co-owner Bocce Club Pizza on Hertel. “I expect to be even crazier today. We’ve been really prepping up our staff, getting them ready for this busy day.”

Usually when there’s a Bills game the pizza joint goes through more than 200 orders for pizza and wings, and this Sunday is no different. Owners expect to clear more than 300 orders for game day foods.

“We’re going to treat this day as we did the Superbowl last year,” said Aaron Lamarca, co-owner Bocce Club Pizza on Hertel. “We’re a sports town. Buffalo is passionate about their teams and they’re passionate about locally-owned restaurants.”

The pizza joint is located at 1488 Hertel Avenue. Along with at least 14 different types of pizza, they offer 33 types of chicken wings. The Bocce brand is a Western New York staple. It has a history that goes back decades.

“It’s been in business almost 75 years and it really hasn’t veered from the original since it’s been open,” said Lamarca. “We have an 18-inch pizza, some pizzerias do 16. Our standard pizza, a large pizza, is 18 inches. We do a crust-less pizza. we bring our sauce and our ingredients right to the edge.”

For more information on Bocce Club Pizza on Hertel visit https://www.facebook.com/bocceonhertel

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